Grab the flying messages, then drag them into the trash can that appears on random locations. Three messages go through and you lose the girl. Get rid of 30 messages to win.


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I going to assume this is for the GGJ18. If its not then doesn't matter, my opinion is still valid. 

Love the idea breaking the messaging system between social media, and us being the boyfriend. Really hope you (Alone or team) continue to pursue this game, which is something I would like to know.

From the gameplay itself, its very intuitive, easy to play, and if I understood what I think is Swedish, I would love to see what those messages say.

Interesting artwork, very well made. The only thing to point out is that looking at the right and the sign I think the girl is outdoors, but looking at left that high table makes me think we are inside, especially because its more shadowed. 

Nice work, keep at it

Thank you for your interest in our game! Yes, this was made for GGJ18.

As for development we have a few ideas in mind in order to add some replay value and humor, but nothing has been decided yet.

We are Turkish in fact, so are the messages :) Messages are a mix of generic ones we came up with such as "Let's have sex", "Wow, aren't you beautiful" etc. and allegedly real ones shared with us by girls at the jam site like "What's your shoe size".

As for artwork, Starducks Coffee background is a rendered image produced in 3DS Max. Rest is 2D. We wanted to emphasize the girl and other elements that way. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to animate the girl and make her react to events in game.

Thanks again.